Letter to the Editor

Labour inspectors a let-down

Dear editor,
WE WRITE in response to the letter that was published under Readers Forum, of Saturday July 14, 2018 with the heading, ‘Labour inspectors a let-down’.The Ministry of Labour and Social Security wishes to state that it is the duty of Government to protect workers by formulating laws that promote a safe working environment.
It is the right and responsibility of workers to read and understand these laws – for every right there is an obligation.
The ministry wishes to state that labour inspectors are not found in all districts in the country. Labour officers and inspectors are only found in 54 of the110 districts.
The Ministry, therefore, encourages workers to report to the nearest labour office for any labour complaint or the district commissioner’s office if the nearest labour office is not within reach.
Alternatively use the toll line 7010, which is open every week day from 08 – 17 hours or call the Labour Commissioner on +260-211-222617. Kindly note that we are on Facebook and you can engage with us on this platform.
Public relations officer
Ministry of Labour and Social Security

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