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Kudos to the courts

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to commend the courts for doubling the sentence of a defiler who appealed against the earlier verdict.
The man who was serving a 17-year jail term for defilement had his earlier verdict quashed and instead handed a 35-year jail term by the Court of Appeal.
This is a strong message to all defilers out there.
The best the man could have done is serve the 17-year sentence faithfully instead of challenging the decision of the highly qualified judges.
Defilers should understand that defilement is a very serious offence because of the devastating effects it has on the victims and society as a whole.
The children who suffer defilement suffer physical, psychosocial and emotional damage and for life.
These are children who are deprived to become what God intended them to be because of the trauma and other effects they suffer as a result of abuse.
The verdict by the Court of Appeal is therefore welcome as it will help deter would-be offenders.