Letter to the Editor

Kudos to the Court of Appeal

Dear editor,
YOUR story of Thursday May 31, 2018 titled ‘Defiler’s appeal backfires’ cannot go without comment.
I would like to commend the Court of Appeal for increasing the jail sentence slapped on the 40-year-old defiler who was convicted of defiling a four-year-old girl.
Hopefully, the decision by the court to increase the sentence from 25 to 45 years for the defiler will send a stern message to those who take advantage of helpless children.
It is inconceivable to imagine how heartless people have become. It is no longer safe because some people, including those entrusted to take care of our children, always have ulterior motives.
The defiler deserves to spend his productive years under custodial sentence and hope he will have time to reflect on his wicked ways and how he has damaged the baby girl both psychologically and emotionally.

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