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Kudos to Speaker Patrick Matibini for suspending UPND MPs

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend the Speaker of National Assembly, Patrick Matibini, for suspending the UPND MPs who boycotted the State of the Nation address by President

Lungu on March 17.
The honourable MPs should show respect for not only the President of the Republic of Zambia but their electorate, who need their continued presence in the august House.
Zambians should not be taken for granted by those they voted for.
The suspension should serve as a wake-up call for our civic leaders.
Let the stubbornness being exhibited by some of our civic leaders be brought to an end with the urgency it deserves.
We should not be paying salaries to people who fail to show respect to the one who actually holds the highest office in the land.
I hope the measure taken by the Speaker will finally bring sanity to the House.

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