Letter to the Editor

Kudos to President Lungu for meeting losing candidates

Dear editor,
THE meeting of unsuccessful aspiring PF candidates by President Lungu (Daily Nation, May 29th, 2016, also pictured in Daily Mail, page 2, May 29th, 2016) made good reading.
In many cases, a leader would go for the winning team in congratulating them for their successful task, but President Lungu, with his ever humble style of leadership, chose to go for the defeated team.
Believe you me, the President’s meeting with these candidates has just enhanced the confidence and trust they had in him and his leadership. It has also given them assurance that they will be given a chance in future.
Now, if what President Lungu did is not true leadership, then I don’t know what true leadership is.
My commendation therefore goes to all the unsuccessful aspirants for accepting defeat with humility and maturity. These are the kind of future leaders we want in Zambia.

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