Letter to the Editor

Kudos to Kwamwena residents’ association

Dear editor,
KINDLY allow me to commend the Kwamwena Residents Association for the job well done on the grading of roads.
The association has been working to ensure the roads in the area are passable in the area.
Recently the association mobilised contributions from residents to grade the major roads in the area.
The proposed toll gates are also welcome if we are to sustain the maintenance of these gravel roads as we wait for Government to construct tarred roads.
It is therefore my appeal to Government to come in and construct roads in the area.
We also want a share of the road infrastructure development going on under the current Government.
I would also like to commend all the Kwamwena residents who contributed towards the grading of the roads.
Let’s keep on with the good works until we get tarred roads from Government.

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