Letter to the Editor

Kudos to Hollard Insurance for exceptional service

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to commend Hollard Insurance for its professional and excellent service to its clients.
In February, my car was hit on the left fender by a Toyota Hiace used for public transport.
It was agreed with the owner of the bus, he would use his third party insurance account with Advantage Insurance to have my car repaired since he was at fault.
Unfortunately, after pursuing Advantage Insurance for over two months, they dodged paying the claim on flimsy grounds.
I had no choice but to launch the claim with my insurer, Hollard.
I was amazed, and pleasantly so, that exactly five days after submitting all documentation, the repair order was out. I did not even need to follow them up, they called me themselves.
This is what I call exceptional service delivery.
It is indisputable that Hollard understands the insurance business. I expect other insurance companies to understand that they deal with people who are stressed due to the loss they incur. Insurance companies should not add to the stress, but ease the burden.
After my encounter with Advantage Insurance, I felt cheated and I almost settled for the general notion that insurance companies are all cheats.
However, my experience with Hollard just revealed that as much as there are bad guys in the industry, there are also good ones. Hollard Insurance is definitely one of the good ones. Keep up the good works.
Emelda Libanga

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