Letter to the Editor

Kudos to ECZ for banning campaigns

Dear editor,
ALLOW me space in your newspaper to commend the Electoral Commission of Zambia for banning elections in Lusaka and Namwala due to heightened violence.
The action by ECZ is timely and necessary to save lives.
ECZ has shown that it is an independent body with teeth to bite when need arises. The move shows that the commission is not intimidated by the ruling party because the PF is also affected by the ban.
The political parties should learn their lessons and ensure peaceful campaigns.
Political leaders should not get tired of advising their supporters against engaging in violent acts. Actually, leaders should take responsibility over the misconduct of their members. This is because the tone of the political leaders has an influence on the actions of the supporters. If leaders are setting a tone of hate speech and violence, then you do not expect contrary actions from their members.
Let’s remember that we only have one country we can call home and that is Zambia.
We therefore need to ensure that peace prevails.

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