Letter to the Editor

Kudos to Chief Madzimawe

Dear Editor
I write to commend Chief Madzimawe of the Ngoni-speaking people in Eastern Province for being a pragmatic chief for his chiefdom to

curb early marriages.
The reporting of five of his subjects who married their school-going children to Chipata Central Police Victim Support Unit for reprisal is indeed a step in the right direction.
Children should not be abused and used as a source of income by lazy parents in our country.
Parents should be encouraged to instead provide social and economic needs for their children and not vice versa.
Let education be encouraged in every household to curb the rampant early marriages among school-going girls.
The girls being forced out of school for marriages are actually minors for God’s sake.
Let all chiefs in our villages and the entire country in general take a leaf from the stance chief Madzimawe has taken to advance the welfare of the girl-child.

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