Letter to the Editor

Kudos on re-installation of Lumumba traffic lights

Dear editor
THAT Avic International has finally re-installed traffic lights on Lumumba Road is indeed welcome but long overdue.
After re-construction of Lumumba Road into a dual carriageway, traffic congestion was still imminent at some portions of this road, which included the junction between Lumumba and Kalambo roads, and also between Mungwi and Lumumba roads, among others.
The congestion could only be controlled by the Road Transport and Safety Agency and the Zambia Police officers. Traffic congestion is now a thing of the past.
I would like to implore Lusaka City Council to engage Avic International to replicate the installation of traffic lights on other newly constructed roads, which still have none.
Kudos to Avic International for the job well done.

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