Letter to the Editor

Kudos Nchanga Rangers fans

Dear editor,
I WISH to commend Nchanga Rangers Football Club supporters for demonstrating loyalty to the club.
The supporters have graduated from being mere critics of the club’s executive by contributing finances to motivate players.
The contributions are going towards awarding players who emerge as man-of-the-match during match day – whether the team has won or lost.
Recently, some supporters went to the club’s camp house and donated assorted items to raise the morale of the players.
In view of the commitment exhibited by supporters, I urge players to stop boycotting training because their plight is being looked into.
Players a key stakeholders and should understand what Rangers want to achieve and the priority now is to survive relegation.
Therefore, the players’ attitude is very critical.
With supporters putting all their efforts, players should desist from boycotting training.
Rangers need maximum starting today.
Boycotting training takes compromises their fitness levels and no amount of incentives may help them.
By the way, the two Chingola lawmakers Matthew Nkhuwa and Chali Chilombo should also complement supporters’ gesture by contributing either cash or in kind.
Rangers should survive relegation.
Bravo Rangers.

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