Letter to the Editor

Kudos Mufulira MPs, HH

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend the two Mufulira members of Parliament, Brian Mushimba and Anthony Mumba, and the opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for the gesture rendered to the victims of the recent fire victims in our country.The recent infernos gutted Buteko Market in Mufulira and COMESA market in Lusaka.
It is, however, good that the two law makers and opposition party leader have opted to come to the aid of the affected victims without using politics.
Kantanshi MP Anthony Mumba and his counterpart Kankoyo MP Brian Mushimba have all donated K50,000 towards the traders while UPND leader HH has approached Government to lobby it so that he can rebuild the burnt COMESA market using his own money.
This is surely leadership that needs to be commended by all well-meaning Zambians without scorn.
When the electorate are faced with such unforeseen calamities, it is only paramount that those with means or resources should always come on board to help Government resolve the situation.
I therefore wish to applaud the above politicians without attaching political affiliation.
This is how it should be.

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