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Kudos Live Radio management

Dear Editor,
I WRITE to salute management at Live Radio for coming to the aid of a 12-year-old girl of Chawama who has been suffering from cerebral palsy since she was six months old.The management donated a wheelchair to ease her mobility.
This was after ZNBC TV2 aired the plight of the girl on its 18:00 hours news. In showing her appreciation, the mother of the girl said she will now have time to go to church to praise her God.
What baffles me is that most churches receive tithes and offerings from their members and the use of such monies is not just to pay pastors but to run other church activities.
Church members who are vulnerable need to be assisted from such funds.
My heart bleeds that for 12 years the church has failed to come to the aid of one of the members.
Sad indeed. Credit must also go to the ZNBC TV2 reporter who covered the story.

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