Letter to the Editor

Kudos honourable Kalaba for showing exemplary civic leadership to his voters

Dear editor,
I write to congratulate and actually commend Bahati member of Parliament, who is also Zambia’s Foreign Minister, Honourable Kalaba for showing exemplary civic leadership to his voters.
His going down to his knees to thank his electorate for giving him another mandate is a sure ingenuity of a leader who has respect for those that voted for him.
This type of leadership is what the general citizenry want to see from their civic leaders and not the bullish behaviour being exhibited by some, immediately they get votes.
Our votes come with a lot of benefits to you in form of salaries, allowances and even government vehicles, etc, to warrant any amount of disrespect when you get to those positions.
We therefore demand soberness, humility and loyalty to us and not otherwise.
Alas, others don’t see the importance of taking such a gesture and will be shocked that time actually flies too fast and it will be too late to do so when the next elections will be in the offing and they will be made to account for their behaviour.

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