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THE National Road Fund Agency (NRFA) is in the process of rolling out the National Road Tolling Programme phase II covering all vehicle classifications to all the 10 provinces of Zambia to broaden the revenue base, particularly for road maintenance.
Toll sites have been identified based on feasibility studies which take into account traffic volumes and other considerations.
Motorists who reside within 10 kilometre radius of a toll gate will, effective January 1, 2017, pay K2 for small vehicles for single passage or K50 for the whole month, while light vehicles with 2–3 axles will pay K15 for single access or K450 for the whole month.
Local road users will be requested to complete an authentication form in which they will be required to attach copies of utility bills such as water, electricity bills or land rates and prove vehicle ownership by attaching a copy of the white book.
Currently, the agency is conducting inland road tolling for all vehicle classifications at Kafue Bridge, Manyumbi, after Kabwe north-bound, and Kafulafuta between Kapiri Mposhi and Ndola. Tolls are also being collected from existing weighbridges across the country and ports of entry.
By February 2017, the agency envisions commissioning four permanent state-of-the-art toll plazas at Shimabala, Chongwe, Mumbwa and Chisamba. Two sites will also be operationalised within the first quarter of 2017 at Levy Mwanawasa between Ndola and Kitwe, and Garnerton between Kitwe and Chingola.
Additionally, other toll stations are being planned for 2017 to 2018 at Serenje–Mpika, Mbala–Nakonde, Monze–Choma, Solwezi–Kalumbila, Kasama–Luwingu–Mansa, Nyimba– Petauke, Chipata-Katete, Mkushi–Kapirimposhi, Mongu–Kalabo, Sioma Bridge, and Pedicle Road.
Road Tolling is a growing trend world over as an option to sustainably finance road maintenance.  Zambia has a backlog of road maintenance which has stood at a staggering US$721 million per annum as at 2016.
Clearly, this is not sustainable for the road sector. In order to build a sustainable road fund, capable of adequately supporting road maintenance programmes using internally generated funds under the road user pays principle, it has become logical to introduce equity pricing in relation to the cost of maintaining our roads.
It goes without saying that the roll- our programme for road tolling that the NRFA has embarked on will contribute significantly in generating resources to bridge the road maintenance financial gap.
Should you have any questions or clarifications regarding road tolling please do not hesitate to contact us using: National Road Fund Agency, P.O. Box 50695 Lusaka. E-mail nrfa@zamnet.org.zm

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