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Knock knock…Will you open?

Movie Review – Shupe Sakala
Titile: Knock Knock
Genre: Mystery and Suspence
Director: Eli Roth
Time: 1 hour 35 minutes
HE may have been down for a while but he’s not out. Keanu Reeves was the bees knees of the entertainment industry especially after pairing with Sandra Bullock in the 1994 action movie Speed and more so in the science fiction action Matrix trilogy : The Matrix, Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions movies.
Despite rumors of his death in a snowboarding accident making the rounds in 2012, Keanu has kept stepping and is in the new release mystery and suspense movie Knock Knock.
Starring as a happy husband, a role we’re not quite used to seeing him, he’s randomly thrust into an uncomfortable situation with two young girls.
Keanu (Evan) lives in a beautiful California home, has two kids and a lovely talented wife.
One afternoon, his wife and kids go to the beach but he has to stay home and work. It’s raining, he’s alone, listening to music, and there’s a knock at the door. Two beautiful young girls, played by Ana De Armas and Lorenza Izzo, are standing in the cold. They’re drenched, lost and just want to come in to dry off and use the phone.
Structured to keep you on your toes and with a rather winding plot, the movie builds tension enough to make you squeal in your seat but is surely enjoyable.
Knock Knock is a strong example of Eli Roth doing what he does best: Building tension, asking questions, and making the audience uncomfortable.
Freshview at the Levy Mall is showing this movie among other movies.
Title: Big stone gap
Genre: Romance and comedy
Director: Adriana Trigiani
Time: 1 hour 43 minute

Ave Maria Mulligan (Ashley Judd), the town’s self-proclaimed spinster, has resigned herself to a quiet life of singlehood and being useful.
She works in her family’s pharmacy, delivers the prescriptions herself, and directs the town’s annual outdoor drama competition.
The plot reveals the sorrow, heartache, fears, triumphs and vulnerability of Ave, a “ferriner” of Italian descent who resides in the small American mining community of “Big Stone Gap”.
Ave Maria is dealing with her grief of losing her mother. As it evolves, the plot includes a family feud (about her inheritance), two marriage proposals, the search for her father’s identity, and with it comes a process of self discovery – especially learning to trust and to relinquish her fear of commitment.
And just when she thought of love was for everyone but her, it comes to her and the whole town wants to be in on all the details.
Assured of a good laugh, you’ll find Ave’s story exhilarating.
Catch this one at Freshview Cinema at the Manda Hill Mall.
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