K’Millian shines at Sun City


SUN City Nightclub in Lusaka’s Matero, has continued to woo the crème de la crème of local artistes with the latest one being K’Millian, who performed at the venue on Sunday.
He may not be so much in the limelight as he was a few years ago, but make no mistake, he remains top drawer.
The Lusaka-based musician, whose real name is Leo Moyo, managed to attract a good audience at Sun City nightclub.
The event, which was free of charge, proved to be a real inducement for fans as hordes of them were eager to see the ‘Kakabalika’ singer live on stage.
K’Millian opened the show with ‘Nizakukonda’ and followed it up with ‘Pa Ulendo’, ‘Another Day’ and ‘Uleibukisha’.
These were all familiar songs to the audience. When K’Millian was at his peak, these songs dominated the airwaves. This was the time Sling Beats, through Chali ‘Bravo’ Mulalami, was churning one hit after another. Other than K’Millian, Sling Beats also houses General Ozzy, Ty2, Hamoba, as well as Alice Chali.
If only you could rewind time. But fortunately for those who were at Sun City on Sunday, K’Millian took them down memory lane. The audience simply enjoyed it. You could tell.
The patrons sang along, particularly those songs from the ‘Another Day’ album. This is the album that dominated the sales charts on Sounds for over 20 weeks. And in truth, it was one of the most comprehensible albums to be released on the local front. You have to bracket it together with JK’s self-titled debut album and Danny’s ‘Yakumbuyo’.
That none of these artistes are dominating the airwaves anymore despite being relatively young should perhaps be testament to how far Zambian music has fallen off the perch despite some view that it is going places.
Of course, the era of CDs is gone, but you should still expect K’Millian, JK and Danny to be at the top. But it is a freaky industry and fans have moved on to newer artistes. Zambian fans seem to know little about loyalty to their stars. However, the likes of K’Millian and Danny have remained loyal to their fans by sticking to their sound and refusing to compromise.
In the case of Danny, he continues to tour round the country with his Mo Fire Band. The loyal fans call him the legend. And he is by the Zambian standards.
And by the Zambian standards, the likes of K’Millian helped to raise the profile of Zambian music.
The audience at Sun City appreciated that fact.

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