K’Millian, Krummy draw blanks


THERE once was a time when Leo Moyo, otherwise known as K’Millian, the Nalyendele and Kakabalika singer, would draw huge crowds to a show.
Then, he was a big shot and undoubtedly one of the artistes who put the narrative in the Zambian music industry.
Well, thanks to his then producer and songwriter Chali ‘Bravo’ Mulalami at Sling Beats Studios, anyway.
Back then, it was a common scenario to go to a jam-packed K’Millian show.
But K’Millian’s dominance and music career has somewhat gone downhill since he left Sling Beats.
The turnout at his show last week, on Zambia’s 54th Independence Anniversary at Club Connect, barely days after Bobby East filled it up, was good enough to worry him.
With his songs still being easy sing-alongs, it was expected that the show at Club Connect, centrally located in the central business district of the tourist capital, would be an instant hit too.
But alas, it was the opposite.
And because of the low turnout, the show, which was supposed to start at 20:00 hours on October 23 began after 01:00 hours the following day, with curtain-raiser performances from Livingstone-based upstarts.
It wasn’t K’Millian alone who had a bad day in the office that same day.
Krummy, the Kanselele singer, suffered a similar fate at Blue Ray Nigh Club, also in the tourist capital.
He too, just like K’Millian, performed to a small audience before coming to Club Connect to support the latter and found a similar situation.

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