K’Millian enters studio for another album


SINGER K’Millian, who was playing alongside R’n’B music group Boyz II Men at the Stanbic Music Festival over the weekend, has entered the studio to work on new material for his next album to be released either at the end of this year or early next year.

This will be his 14th album, an astonishing number by any standards. Even ardent K’Millian fans will struggle to name them. But here is an attempt; K’Millian, True Colours, My Music, Another Day, Escape, Triumph, My Life, Timeless, Another Day II, Home Again, Home Again II, Crossroads and Forever. That is 14. Count them.
K’Millian says he is ready to release his 14th album.
He says he has recorded 12 songs already and is only remaining with two songs to finalise it.
“I just wanted to take some time off the industry to ensure that the material that comes out is worth it. We have to sit down and decide when we can release it, we’ll know properly when we sit down and discuss whether end of this year or beginning of the year,” he says.
“But it definitely won’t be too long, we’re almost done. There are a couple of songs that I think will make noise.”
K’Millian says hoping to work with Danny and Runell on the two remaining songs. So far he has not featured anyone.
He says the album will have new stories and experiences and that he is singing about things that have happened to him in the past two years.
“What I’m trying to do is bring back that confidence that people had in me before because I haven’t given people something to talk about, so I think with this one, there will be something to talk about because its different, it’s more of the old stuff but with a bit of a new twist so it’s coming good,” he says.

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