Letter to the Editor

KK’s healthy diet paying dividends at 94

Dear editor,
FORMER President Kenneth Kaunda last Saturday turned 94. You would not believe that he still follows a strict routine that many younger men would find daunting.At the funeral of late South African President Nelson Mandela, Dr Kaunda was one of the main speakers and showed off his energetic life by running to the podium when asked to be the next speaker, even when he uses a walking stick. He has done this more often at his age.
All this explains and justifies his uncooked vegetarian diet. He was advised by experts that a vegetarian diet of uncooked food is healthier.
According to records, Dr Kaunda took his last cup of tea on July 23, 1953 – he took six cups to say goodbye to it.
I wish Dr Kaunda a happy 94th birthday with many more happy returns under God’s guidance. May he continue to counsel us.

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