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KK mourns Toivo

Former President Kenneth Kaunda has described late Namibian freedom fighter Herman Andimba Toivo ya Toivo as a selfless and courageous person.

In a letter of condolences addressed to the President of Namibia, Hage Geingob, Dr Kaunda said Mr ya Taivo was a fearless fighter for freedom and justice.
“Comrade Toivo ya Toivo’s contributions to the struggle for Namibia’s independence, attained in 1990, and thereafter the building of a new Namibia, have been inspiring not only to the people of Namibia and Africa, but to many all over the world,” he said.
Dr Kaunda said Mr ya Toivo, who died last week aged 92, was an example to the world.
“His life of selflessness, courage, sacrifice, fairness, justice and love for his fellow human being is an example to many of us. Through and through, Comrade Toivo ya Toivo was a fearless fighter for freedom and justice,” he said.
He said Zambians remember Mr ya Toivo at the time he came to Zambia to join Sam Nujoma and fellow Namibian freedom fighters after his 16 years of imprisonment.
“Much of it at Robben Island, by the racist apartheid South African regime.   Whenever I interacted with him, I found Comrade Toivo ya Toivo a very dedicated person and we struck a genuine friendship.
“We shared mutual respect for one another. Many in Zambia will continue to remember him being at the big public rally arranged in Lusaka after he had been released in 1984 from imprisonment,” he said.
Dr Kaunda has called on Namibians to be strong during this period of mourning.
“From his life we must continue to think about loving our neighbour as ourselves and doing unto others the way we would have them do unto us,” he said.
Meanwhile, MIKE MUGALA reports that President Kaunda has called on the nation to respect the Church and fear God.
And Dr Kaunda has commended the Church for its continued role in preaching love, peace and togetherness.
Speaking when he officiated at a United Church of Zambia (UCZ) national fundraising walk in Woodlands yesterday, Dr Kaunda said there can be no human existence without God.
“God is above every human creature and he is the reason for our existence, we are here today because of his desire. Nothing can be more important to human life than God, therefore we must always thank him that he has made it possible for us to be here today,” he said.
Meanwhile, UCZ national fundraising coordinator Teddy Mulonga said the Church will continue preaching peace and unity.
Mr Mulonga said unity and togetherness are the bedrock of any developing nation.
Mr Mulonga said the construction cost of the office complex on Mosi-O-Tunya Road in Woodlands is estimated at K30 million.
He said the church has a balance of K19.9 million to pay the contractor.