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Kitwe woman seeks to divorce promiscuous man

AFTER spotting stains of lipstick on her husband’s shirt while doing her laundry, a 33-year-old woman of Kitwe is walking out on her marriage of 13 years by filing for divorce before the Kitwe local court.

Appearing before senior local court Magistrates Fredrick Ndhlovu and Royd Chinda was Febby Kalumba who sued Clement Chisanga, 38, for divorce on grounds that he is abusive and promiscuous.

Kalumba narrated before the court that the two got married in 2004 and have three children.
She told the court that problems in their marriage started in 2012 when her husband took to beer drinking.
Kalumba told the court that her husband went home late and when queried, he resorted to beating her up.
She narrated before the court that she once found stains of lipstick on her husband’s shirt but that when she asked him, he responded by slapping her.
She asked the court to dissolve their marriage because she also found a receipt from a guest house in one of her husband’s trousers, which made her realise that he will never change.
But Chisanga refuted the allegations by his wife and instead accused her family of interfering in their marriage.
He told the court that his wife did not respect him and his family and is fond of misusing the money he leaves home for food and basic necessities.
Chisanga asked the court not to divorce them because they have a family to take care of.
The court adjourned the case to a later date.


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