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Kitwe woman pays K1,000 for verbal abuse

THE GARNETON local court last week ordered a woman of Kitwe to compensate her friend’s husband with K1,000 for insulting him.

Maybin Kasanda, 50,will be paid by Annie Kazela, 30, from whom he demanded compensation for insulting him.
Testifying before Garneton Local Court principal presiding magistrate Elizabeth Banda, Kasanda said that his arguments with Kazela, who was his wife’s friend, started when he advised his spouse against hanging out with the defendant.
Kasanda narrated that Kazela was a bad influence on his wife because when the two were together, they patronised drinking places and refer to themselves as ‘queen bars’.
He said Kazela verbally abused him when she heard that he had told his wife to stop hanging out with her.
Kasanda narrated that Kazela insulted him when she referred to him as a woman in a man’s body, who was also incapable of fathering a child.
He said that Kazela poured all kinds of scorn on him and that the issue of her telling him that he was not the father of his two children prompted him to divorce his wife.
Kasanda asked the court to vindicate him by ordering Kazela to compensate him because her insults rendered him a laughing stock in his area.
But Kazela denied the allegations and told the court that Kasanda had issues with her ever since he found out that she accompanied his wife to the police station when she went to report him after being battered.
She said that since then, Kasanda had always hated her because he thought that she incited her friend to report him to the police.
But magistrate Banda said the evidence before her was proof enough that Kazela actually insulted Kasanda, which led to the separation with his wife.
She ordered Kazela to compensate Kasanda with K1,000 in monthly installments of K150.


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