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Kitwe woman divorced for hiding HIV status

AFTER discovering that his wife of 21 years hid her HIV status from him, a 46-year-old man of Kitwe has opted to divorce her before the Kitwe local court.
Appearing before senior local magistrates Fredrick Ndhlovu, Mildred Kayola and Royd Chinda was Alfred Sinkala who sued Loreen Mulenga, 40, for divorce on grounds that she is promiscuous.

Sinkala narrated before the Kitwe local court how his wife asked him to take an HIV test without giving him any reasons as to why he should be tested.

He told the court that the results were negative and he informed his wife.
Sinkala said that after telling his wife about his status, she revealed to him that she had tested positive for HIV.
He told the court that he felt betrayed when he heard about his wife’s status especially that she only told him later.
“I felt so betrayed when my wife informed me about her status after time had passed,” Sinkala said.
He told the court that the health status of his wife did not surprise him because he has been receiving reports of how she brings men to their home whenever he is away.
Sinkala asked the court to grant him divorce because when he went back for testing the results showed he had contracted the disease.
However, Mulenga denied the allegations that she hid her status from her husband because he threw the results away when she tried to show him.
She pleaded with the court not to dissolve their marriage so that they can help each other by living together.
But magistrates Ndhlovu, sitting with magistrate Chinda and magistrate Fayola divorced the couple and ordered Sinkala to compensate his wife with K12,000 in monthly instalments of K500.


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