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Kitwe wife ditches ‘irresponsible’ hubby

A WOMAN of Kitwe has lost interest in her five-year-old marriage because her husband is content with living with her in his mother’s house instead of finding a house where he could live with his family.
Peggy Mulenga sued her husband, Ackson Ng’onga, before the Buchi Local Court for divorce on grounds that he is an irresponsible man who cannot take full responsibility as a husband and a father.
Mulenga told senior local court presiding magistrate Yvonne Kapesa that living in a family house has been a challenge as her husband behaves as if he has married both her and her mother-in-law.
The two got married in 2011 and together they have one child.
Mulenga narrated that everything was okay until the couple moved into Ng’onga’s family house.
She told the court that they started living with Ng’onga’s mother and his first-born son from his first marriage.
She said she suddenly noticed changes in Ng’onga behaviour and that he started giving his clothes to his mother to wash for him.
“On several occasions, he would give my mother-in-law his clothes to wash for him and he would tell his mother to boil water for him when he gets back from work,” Mulenga said.
She told the court that she took him to the Victim Support Unit (VSU) for counselling for giving his clothes to her mother-in-law to wash for him when she was there as a wife.
She said her action did not go well with Ng’onga, who stopped talking to her, and that he has on several occasions packed her clothes so that she could leave him in peace.
Mulenga, who is currently living with her mother, said she cannot remain in the marriage and pleaded with the court to dissolve it.
And Ng’onga said Mulenga has no respect for him as the head of the house.
Ng’onga said his family has never experienced peace since he moved Mulenga into the family house.
He said his wife is sarcastic and she does not respect her mother-in-law.
Magistrate Kapesa dissolved the marriage and ordered Ng’onga to pay K6,000 as compensation in monthly instalments of K300 beginning March 30.

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