Letter to the Editor

Kitwe to become first most livable city

Dear editor,
KITWE City Council has adopted a ‘Green and clean city initiative’.
This is an environmentally sustainable initiative, embarked on by the mayor Christopher Kang’ombe as a contribution towards making Kitwe the most livable city in Zambia.

His vision for a green and clean city has multiple initiatives running, including paving the road networks and planting trees.

Phase one of the tree-planting project was launched by Mr Kang’ombe recently, when palm trees and other species were planted along the Ndola-Kitwe dual carriage way islands.
We, the Greens, joined the Mayor to plant trees for the phase one project.
The following are the different trees to be planted, which covers the islands starting from the entrance into kitwe – police checkpoint – up to President Avenue in town.
• 130 Umbrella and 20 Flamboyant trees.
• 27 Jacaranda and 10 umbrella trees.
• 1500 King palm trees.
• 250 different species for Bottle Brush, Duranta trees.
• 420 Ashok trees.
If you live in Kitwe, or once upon a time you lived here, or indeed you value the concept, we invite you to join and support various initiatives aimed at making Kitwe the first most livable city in Zambia.

Green Party president,


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