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Kitwe mayor’s vibrancy laudable

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend Kitwe mayor Christopher Kang’ombe, popularly called ‘Umwina Kitwe’ for inculcating a different style of leadership for Kitwe to change its face.
Not until now, Kitwe was so filthy, to say the least, but the mayor and his stalwarts are working round the clock to change the face of Kitwe for the better.
In so doing, I am impressed that he doesn’t execute his duties in a bullish and disrespectful manner but has embraced dialogue with those opposed to his new leadership style.
This is truly what is expected of a credible leader whose purpose is to serve in the best interest of the people and not his position.
Kitwe business centre is now so clean that one can enjoy moving about freely.
This has been achieved because Mr Kang’ombe is widely liked for his openness and policy to dialogue and learn where need be and not ‘I know it all’ syndrome.
Keep it up ‘Umwina Kitwe’.