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Kitwe man deserts home, opts for car

A TWENTY-SIX-YEAR-OLD wife of Zambia township has alleged before the Garneton Local Court that her husband slept in his car for five months after he informed her of his intentions to marry another woman.
Naomi Tembo was testifying in a case in which her husband, Cassius Matipa, 34, sued her for divorce on grounds that she threatens to kill him.
Tembo told the court that the couple got married in 2011 and have two children together.
She told the court that all was well between them and problems started in 2014 after her husband informed her that he was planning to marry another woman.
Tembo said her husband’s decision to marry another woman made him stop sleeping in the matrimonial bedroom, opting for his vehicle.
She told the court that her husband only started sleeping in the house after his parents intervened

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