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Kitwe DEBS motivating teachers

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to commend Kitwe district education board secretary (DEBS) Allan Kaoma for motivating teachers to work hard in the district.

Because of the good work done by Mr Kaoma and his team, Kitwe is now ranked number one and fourth on the Copperbelt at Grade 7 and Grade 9 levels, respectively.
In the 2016 national exams, Kitwe was at number 89, but in 2017 it moved to 28.
Teachers at the schools which performed well at Grade 7 and Grade 9 will be taken to Livingstone and Mfuwe for a five-day holiday.
Let’s continue with our close supervision of teachers, as well as providing incentives to motivate those that are handling examination classes.
Luanshya district ZNUT trustee

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