Kings emerges as African Lion

WELCOME the new African Lion.
The man you know as Kings Malembe Malembe has now adopted the moniker of African Lion. But that is not the only new thing about Kings – he has also a new compilation album titled Best of Kings Malembe Malembe.
The new album has been released by 9090 Media. This is an outfit that has previously worked with the likes of Peace Preacherz, Roberta Mweshi Mulusa, Dickson Kadansa, Mark B3 and Mulenga Mulumbwa.
The compilation album contains songs from previous albums Uwampela Ameno, Pye Pye Pye, No Retreat, Shut-Up (let God speak) and Lesa Alikula.
Alpha Chewe Chipasha, 25, is the man behind 9090 Media.
“It feels good working with Kings and other big musicians and this is key to what I have been striving for over the last few years,” says Alpha.
Alpha is a former Livingstone High School pupil who once dropped out of school in grade eight. He later successfully graduated in 2009.
“I started this project (designing covers) in 2009 and only began compiling albums of artistes’ songs in 2017. I have been doing this for the past nine years and my dream is to become the best designer and music producer in Africa in the next five years,” he says.
With songs such as Ni Mwe Lesa, Shut Up (let God speak), Enough Is Enough, Belele, Umuntu Mutwe and Pye Pye Pye, Kings’ compilation album is likely to rekindle his own musical journey in the gospel music industry which began eight years ago after leaving secular music.
Other songs like Mwe Lesa Naileta, Bana Bandi, No Retreat, Ni Mwe Tulefwaya, Ifyasulwa may also see more of his followers grab the album in case they missed out on the original CDs.
Concluding this collection are the songs Apapene Ni Lesa Wabomba, Simple Issue and Pamusalaba which brought Kings and his Royal band to prominence.
But back to Alpha.
Born in Mpika and orphaned at 15, Alpha was doing odd jobs including that of a garden boy and bus conductor before re-entering school in Livingstone. He later relocated to Lusaka after high school.
“It has been a spirited journey my working with various artistes, not only in the gospel industry, but as well as those in secular, like Dalisoul and Organised Family,” says Alpha.
His timely advice to his fellow youths is never to wait for white collar jobs but to use their God-given talents to achieve their goals.
“The Bible says that your mother and father can leave you but God will never forsake you,” Alpha said.
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