King Dandy ready to switch


HAVING last released an album in 2014, which was titled Donchi Kubeba, Dandy Krazy says he is now ready to churn out new material next month under the title I Switch.

King Dandy, as he is sometimes called, has been explaining what he has been up to lately.
“I’ve been quiet, I didn’t really want to come out and release hit songs like I was doing in the past,” he explained. “I wanted to be quiet so that when I come out, people should be able to see why I’ve been quiet. Now that I’m coming out and my album will on the market, it’s time for me to make noise so that it will be something extraordinary. I’ve just been releasing singles, not albums.”
King Dandy’s latest single is titled Look Into My Eyes, a love song that has been out for about two weeks now.
But his focus is on releasing the album, which will be his fifth career, next month.
“I Switch is basically trying to help the youths and change their mentality of begging for money from politicians and well to do people in the society,” he says. “There are so many opportunities, and so much that we the youths can do. So, for me, I Switch is just me telling the youths to work hard, we are proudly Zambian and have so much responsibility to take care of this country.”
King Dandy named some of the songs on the 16-track album as Look Into My Eyes, I Switch, Pompa and Nchololo. He has featured the likes of Macky II, T-Sean, Chef 187, Evaristo, Drifta Trek. T-Sean and Jazz Boy are the producers.
“Production-wise, I have just been diverse because they wanted me to have a feel from different angles. I have also worked with a lot of artists,” he says.
“The album is diverse, one has to pick what they want to listen to. There are songs talking about cancer, I’m trying to teach people about cancer because it’s more deadly than HIV and people have taken a front row talking about HIV more than cancer of which HIV is not.”
He says the diversity of the album is what makes it different from his previous works. He believes the new album is more mature.
Dandy is hoping that by the end of December, he would have finished working on his videos because he wants to release a video album as well which will have videos from the past singles he has released and from the new album.
He says his fans should expect much from him because he wants to contribute to the economy of the nation and to blend in with international music.

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