Kid Miller sheltered

AFTER falling on hard times and struggling to make ends meet, legendary boxer Leonard “Kid Miller” Masaiti, 76, has found a new home, at Matero Care Centre for the Aged in Lusaka.
Exodus Promotions director Anthony Mwamba and national team coach Wisdom Mudenda facilitated Miller’s move to Matero Care Centre, which looks after the vulnerable.
Mwamba said he was touched to hear the once prolific boxer struggling to make ends meet and even more to note that his house in Chilenje is at the centre of a legal battle with someone.
“If you remember very well some few weeks ago I announced my comeback to boxing for a charity fight, because even myself I passed through the same situation at one point, it’s just that I was blessed and invested my money wisely,” he said.
Mwamba said Kid Miller is said to have been spending nights in the corridor at Chilenje Community Centre.
“I cried when I saw the condition he was in, so I first took him to the restaurant and bought him nshima, after that I took him to the barber shop for a haircut,” he said.  CLICK TO READ MORE

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