Kerry Mukuma

KERRY Mukuma looks forward to becoming a great teacher to assist youths in pursuing their education; she believes education is an equalizer between the rich and the poor. NKWETO MFULA in Chingola had a chat with her.
Full names: Kerry Samba Mukuma
Age: 14 years.
Q; How many are you in your family?
Ans: I’m the second born in a family of six
Q: What are your parents’ names?
Ans; My Father’s name is Morgan Mukuma and My Mother’s name is Sila Mukuma.
Q; Which school do you attend?
Ans: Mambili Primary School doing my Grade 9.
The school is situated along Chingola-Solwezi road 36 kilometres away from the Central Business District.
Q; What are your favourite subjects?
Ans: Geography and English.
Q: Why do you like these two subjects?
Ans: I like Geography because it illustrates how the World looks like.  I am able to understand things that surround us and beyond.
I enjoy English because it is a medium of communication. We just have to know how to speak the queen’s language.
In our country, English is the official language; I like it because one is able to talk to foreign visitors in a language they will be able to understand.
Q: Why do you want to become a teacher?
Ans: It’s a career I dream of pursing.
Come rain, come sunshine, the sky is the limit; I want to accomplish my dream by becoming a great teacher in Zambia to help youths pursue education because it is an equalizer between the rich and the poor.
I also would like to see changes in education by providing enough accommodation at schools for teachers especially in peri-urban areas.
Some teachers travel long distances to and from their houses within Chingola which is not supposed to be the case.
Only a few teachers are accommodated here at the newly constructed houses.
It is time to turn around education standards; this is the reason why I would like to be a teacher.
Let me also make this earnest appeal to Government and other stakeholders to help in build more teachers’ houses and classroom blocks to develop our school.
Q: Who are your role models?
Ans: My parents and my teachers, they have been very inspiring to me as a girl-child to continue with school.
Q; In your opinion who is a good child?
Ans: A good child is one who respects his or her parents and the elderly persons in society.

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