Ken One still holding on to album

KEN One.

DESPITE finishing work on his second album, a follow-up on his debut Hold On, singer Ken One says he will only release it after three or four months.
Ken One says the album does not have a title yet although he is grappling with two at the moment.
“Everything is done but I just need a driving factor for the album, I need to have a song that people can relate to even when they hear that the album is out,” he says.
Ken One started working on the album in January last year with TK as the main producer although he has also worked with Jerry D and T-Sean on the production. Israel, JK, T-Sean, Petersen, Nathan Nyirenda, Reuben and Damiano have also featured on the album.
Ken One says the album comes with a lot of growth and is not only concentrated on love songs just as it is also gospel.
This week he released a single titled Everything, written by and featuring Petersen.
“Everything is among the few love songs that are on the album, it talks about putting everything in one person to say this person that I have is my everything. It goes on to say if people don’t want me to be with my wife/man then I’d rather my hand and legs are cut off so that they make it completely impossible to be with you or to follow you,” he explains. “It’s telling a partner that everything I do entirely in this life I do it for you.”
The song, which was released together with the video shot by Simon G of Ratol Pictures, is co-produced by TK and Jerry D.
Ken One is set to release another single from the album, a gospel song titled Isa Usambwe featuring Reuben and Nathan Nyirenda.
“This song was inspired by some real-life situation that happened, there’s a guy called Munyemesha Munyemesha, he’s the one who used to produce my show rooftop. Before he died, I was the centre of communication, everyone, artists, the church were all calling me to find out about his progress in that one week that he was in a coma,” he says.
“So it just raised my conscience and made me reach a point of thinking to say there are so many people that this guy related with, he was in good books with a lot of people. So it just raised a point to me to say it’s about how you relate with people, how good your deeds are that when you reach a point like that, it’s only those deeds that can negotiate for you.
“So, on this song, I’m talking about the need to live well with people especially to come back to God and repent because there are times like that where you completely don’t have power to say sorry or repent.”
The song was recorded live with Silent Erazer playing the drums and engineering the song. Reuben played the keyboard while Nathan Nyirenda was on the saxophone.

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