Keisha sings for strugglers


GOSPEL singer Keisha, who had struggles with pain and depression from childhood, says her new EP titled Kwesi’s Daughter 2.0, is a dedication to people with similar struggles.
Keisha, whose music is a fusion of soul and poetry, and her core message of hope, often covered in dark and gothic tones, brings an entirely new depth to contemporary Christian music.
“After publicly coming out as someone who had struggles with depression, mental illness and suicidal thoughts, I almost entirely dedicate my efforts on the upcoming EP to people with similar struggles,” she says.
“Kwesi is my late mother’s name, so the title is about legacy. How in the African culture we are looked at based on our parent’s name. Growing up people, I used to think I wouldn’t go far or amount to much because of whose daughter I was. So with the title, I was trying to say to the naysayers that I’m Kwesi’s Daughter but I can be capable of doing great things and have that tag represent greatness instead of negative expectation.
“My childhood struggles with pain and depression played a major role in shaping my perspective on life and ultimately my artistic expression.”
Keisha, who launched her solo career in 2015, has songs like Broken Mirror and All I Know, which touch on the issue of self-harm from a personal perspective.
Her first EP was released in December last year titled Kwesi’s Daughter after delays amid rumours of retiring from music.
Keisha says the single from her first EP titled Make Me Whole was a major success and remains her biggest song to date.
Her second EP released last week comes exactly one full year after the first one and builds on the transparency of the first installment.
Keisha has only featured Kunkeyani Tha Jedi on the EP but worked with producers Teazy, Mr Champs, Moomoo, Sid and Drae.
Meanwhile, it was a Sunday to remember for the Seventh Day Adventist Church members that attended the launch of Asante Acapella’s second album titled Mwami Kujulu [God in Heaven] at the National Institute of Public Administration (NIPA) in Lusaka last week.
The five-member gospel group attracted a fair crowd at the concert which was pegged at K80 per-person.
The Asante Acapella was not the only performing group on the night as they were joined by the likes of Ephraim, a nine-member Zimbabwean gospel group called Thee Family and the 12 Gates Choir of Lusaka.
The new 12-track album with songs like While Nena Kwa Yesu (Tell it to Jesus), title-track Mwami Kujulu, Imfumu, Praise my Soul, Kutali Shani, I Remember, Leza, Milky White Way, Wiya, Just for Today and Rest For the Weary, follows the debut Nena Kwa Yesu which was released in November last year.
Members of Asante Acapella are Tevin Kaputo, Fred Siziya, Pimpa Simule, Nevi Hakalima, and Stephen Mafuta.

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