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Keeping Girls in School programme good

Dear editor,
I WRITE to commend Government, through the Ministry of Community Development and Social Welfare, for sponsoring 1,600 girls to remain in school under the Keeping Girls in School (KGS) programme in Chilubi as reported in the Zambia Daily Mail (April 13, 2018).
When children are not in school, they may involve themselves in illicit and many unproductive activities which could ruin their future. KGS should therefore be supported so that the issue of school dropouts is done away with. As a country, we have in the recent past recorded a high number of early marriages because of school dropouts.
This programme can help a lot of vulnerable children to go back to school, instead of getting married at a tender age due to lack of sponsorship. With more of such programmes in the country, we will have educated young leaders who will be more productive.
I therefore appeal to Government that this programme should be spread out to all parts of the country so that school dropouts and early marriages can be curbed.