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Keeping children out of reach of defilers

THESE girls represent the future of society, but they need to be protected against defilers and child abuse.

Speak Out on Violence: DORIS KASOTE
ABUSE alert: Care who watches over your child. This was my advice last week when a four-year-old innocently narrated how an old man she referred to as her grandfather sexually abused her and her friend.
These are events, unfortunately, that happen sometimes within the family and even extending to the community at large.
I received a reaction from Mrs Phiri of Lusaka who narrated how she fired her garden boy for admiring her six-year -old’s figure.
Dear Doris,
I follow your articles keenly, particularly the one which was published last week in the Zambia Daily Mail (October 5, 2016).
I have two daughters, one 15, the other 12.
At the time the second one was six years, she used to detest bathing. I would always have to chase after her to ensure I gave her a bath.
On this particular day, she slipped out of my grip and run outside while naked because she did not want to bath.
I chased after her and from a considerable distance, I observed that the garden boy put his chores on hold and started observing the toddler running around the yard naked.
What shocked me were the words that came out of his mouth. Oblivious to who was nearby, he sighed and said my daughter, a six-year-old, has a beautiful body.
I confronted him and immediately fired him. My husband thought I had over-reacted.
But a few weeks later, I learnt that the same man had been arrested for defiling an eight-year-old. I was not surprised. I also later learnt that he had been pardoned earlier by another family for defiling their child.
That particular family pardoned him after he paid them some money.
This garden boy was once married but because of his lust for children, his wife left him. According to her, he was an embarrassment.
When I gathered that this man has allegedly defiled several children within and outside his community but somehow got away with it, I cringed.
Memories went back to my child who was six at that time and could not even fathom what would have been of my girls if I had not listened to my instincts to immediately fire him.
I thank God I took the action I did, because, today, we would be talking about a different story.
I agree with you Doris that children who are sexually abused live with that scare forever. Some never even heal from the pain and view all men to be monsters.
Remember, as parents let’s keep children under our watchful eye because we never know who is out there to harm them.
Until next week;
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