Letter to the Editor

Keep Zambia clean campaign relaunch welcome

Dear editor,
I WOULD like to commend President Edgar Lungu for re-launching the ‘Keep Zambia clean, green and healthy’ campaign.While President Lungu has taken it upon himself to revive this important campaign, it needs the support of every Zambian for it to succeed.
Zambians need to change their mindset and begin to attach importance to cleanliness, which is next to godliness.
While the campaign is targeting general cleaning once a month, citizens should not wait for that one day to clean their homes and surroundings.
Cleanliness should be a lifestyle which should occur naturally.
I am also appealing to the local authorities and Ministry of Health, who are the main drivers of the campaign to ensure it succeeds by enforcing the law.
We should not expect the President to manage the campaign. We have technocrats who are employed for that.
It is also hoped that lessons were drawn from the failed campaign, otherwise we will be going in circles.
All progressive Zambians must rally behind President Lungu and get involved in the campaign.

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