Keep out of politics, Central permsec urges civil servents

CENTRAL Province permanent secretary Edwidge Mutale has advised civil servants against engaging in partisan politics because they are an “engine” that provides for continuity.
Ms Mutale said the only time civil servants can become partisan is when they are exercising their right to vote on election day.
“We cannot be seen to be campaigning, we cannot be seen to be canvassing for one candidate or another because we are the engine which provides for continuity,” Ms Mutale said
She said this on Thursday when she featured on a live programme dubbed Rise and Shine Breakfast show on KNC Radio in Kabwe.
Ms Mutale also implored youths in Central Province not to be used to perpetrate political violence.
She urged the youths to expend their energies on productivity.
“Using violence, you do not communicate anything. If anything, violence just ends up causing death and you will have the blood of those people on your hands or you may hurt other people,” Ms Mutale said.
She also commended civil servants for their hard work and urged them to continue being efficient this year in order to achieve the vision of transforming Central Province into a hub of development.
She also said the provincial administration is determined to ensure that ongoing projects in Central Province impact positively on the people when completed.
She assured that funds for projects are being used prudently.
Ms Mutale also said her office has engaged line Ministries on the need for them to complete ongoing projects before embarking on new ones.
“In fact for Central Province, we looked at projects in the Province and we saw that we had a number of projects that were not complete and we drew up a schedule,” Ms Mutale said.
She is also happy that the Rural Roads Unit (RRU) worked on a stretch of 300 kilometres of roads in Central Province last year out of the targeted 470km.

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