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Keep Lungu out of M’membe issues

ZAMBIA Republican Party (ZRP) president Wright Musoma has advised Chief Chikanta of the Tonga people of Southern Province to stop dragging President Lungu into cases involving former proprietor of the Post Newspapers Limited  (in liquidation ) Fred M’membe and his wife Mutinta.
Mr Musoma said the cases should not be politicised by those in the opposition and their allies.
He said in an interview yesterday that as a traditional leader, Chief Chikanta should refrain from engaging in politics because those he was allegedly attacking through some newspapers, have supporters who would feel obliged to defend them.
“As Zambia Revolution Party we wish to advise Chief Chikanta of Southern Province to refrain from engaging in politics and for him to avoid uttering words attacking the head of State as it is disrespectful and we will not tolerate it.
“He is fully aware that the matter is even in the courts of law. Why is he attacking the President?” Mr Musoma said.
He said the recent reported remarks by Chief Chikanta telling President Lungu to stay away from The Mast newspaper and Mr M’membe is part of a political agenda.
“Chief Chikanta clearly knows that the case involving Fred M’membe is in court because of the tax envasion and that is a crime according to the laws of Zambia. But he still wants to involve the President in this issue,” he said.
“We are humbly advising him to stay away from involving himself in things he does not know.  He should not involve himself in political affairs,” he said.
Mr Musoma said ZRP would not entertain such unfair and malicious attacks against President Lungu because they have the potential to cause confusion.
He said Chief Chikanta should emulate other traditional leaders who are working with the government through various projects aimed at fostering development in their respective chiefdoms instead of fighting the President,” Mr Musoma said.
He urged traditional leaders to avoid fighting the government but instead work together with it to improve the lives of their subjects.