Letter to the Editor

Keep an eye on vending

Dear editor,
I JOIN those who are expressing alarm at the laxity relevant government agencies are exhibiting in the enforcement of the law on street vending and littering.
Since the military wings were ordered out of or withdrawn from the streets of Lusaka, street vendors have steadily been finding their way back.
It won’t be long before the capital reverts to its old dirty self. At the moment they are testing the waters hiding their merchandise and accosting prospective customers in the shop corridors and on the main streets.
Many of these people are leaving their trading places at designated places where they were relocated saying business is slower than on the streets and in shop corridors.
Around 18:00 hour and beyond they are trading undisturbed between the Lumumba-Mumbwa road traffic lights and Freedom Way.
These recalcitrant vendors are again littering the places where they are conducting their clandestine business from. They have no regard for hygiene.
Should the President order the soldiers back or demand an explanation from those whose job it is to enforce the law but are sitting on their haunches?

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