Letter to the Editor

KCM scenario a test for Zambia

Dear editor,
THE current situation surrounding Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) needs a lot of consultative resolve by all stakeholders to bring the end result to a win-win situation.
Zambians have come to learn a lot from the previous liquidations and/ or privatisation processes that many times left people bruised by the processes.
The liquidation of KCM is one but a step in finding the lasting solution to the misery Vedanta has inflicted on the Zambian government and its people for a long time.
And it is interesting that a lot of investors are eyeing KCM, yet for us, much as finding a credible investor is what we all yearn for, the credibility of the investor is not what will redeem us as a nation but what we put on paper with the investor in terms of investment agreement.
Apart from that, I appeal to all relevant stakeholders in the process to think of giving Zambians through ZCCM-IH the majority shareholding so that as a country, we can have control over the mine failure to which equal shareholding is an alternative.
As a country, we have learnt a lot of things from the sale of our mines that many times have been arm-twisting government by under declarations in the mineral grades to evade taxes and mining more minerals than one yet their core investment borders on only one or two minerals.
For me, the KCM scenario is a test or rather a wakeup call for all of us to safeguard our own God-given but diminishing resources.

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