Letter to the Editor

KCM commitment to Nchanga Rangers undiminished

Dear editor,
A LETTER published in your newspaper and authored by a passionate Lusaka-based Nchanga Rangers supporter questioned KCM’s support for the club.

KCM’s commitment to Nchanga Rangers is undiminished. In fact, we have recently increased by 30 percent the grant we provide to both Rangers and Konkola Blades.
Finances are a vitally important contribution to the success of any football club. And while I aspire to see our clubs competing for trophies, the truth is, for now, we cannot match the spending that some other sponsors pay their respective teams. This inevitably places pressure on our teams to do more with less.
Meanwhile, the most practical thing we can do is to help Rangers develop a commercial strategy that broadens the pool of sponsorship they receive. Together with the club’s management team, we have been exploring ways to diversify Rangers’ funding so that the club can once again occupy the commanding heights of the league.
In football, as with commodity cycles, fortunes go up and down, but our commitment remains undiminished.
CEO, Konkola Copper
Mines Plc (KCM)

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