KB raps aspiring stars

RENOWNED producer and presenter Yahya Kaba otherwise known as KB has some advice for some upcoming musicians who have a tendency of just sending their songs to him without being courteous enough to exercise etiquette.
In a two-minute video posted on his Facebook page, KB says on a daily basis, he has had to deal with about 30 upcoming musicians who send him songs and music videos with no regard for etiquette.
“These artistes that have a habit of getting your number and just going direct to your WhatsApp, with no introduction and send music to you and expect you to just magically guess that oh, I have to listen to this guy’s music and get back to them and because we have the time, I have nothing else to do but just to sit and receive messages from 20, 30 people every day of my life.
“Every time I hear my phone buzzing, I have to go check and see what is there and every time I check, it’s some upcoming artiste that is sending me links. Some even send links, not even audio, links. I have to go and download your link, listen to it and give you feedback. That’s what some people do. deal with it.
“Have some etiquette, upcoming artistes. If you are going to get into anybody’s inbox or send something to somebody’s WhatsApp, have the courtesy to at least introduce yourself, explain what you do, and
ask if that person can listen to your music. Ask for permission, that’s how it works.” CLICK TO READ MORE

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