Kazungula eager to see government departments devolved

Government complex.

CHALI MULENGA, Livingstone
KAZUNGULA District Council is eagerly waiting for more government departments to be devolved to the local authority for effective service

delivery to the people, says KDC chairperson Eason Musokotwane.
Mr Musokotwane said in an interview that the transferring of some government departments to the council will enhance service delivery in line with the decentralisation policy.
Mr Musokotwane said the devolving process of the government departments is moving at a slow pace.
“We are patiently waiting for the decentralisation process to be enhanced so that people will be able to get the right services,” he said.
Mr Musokotwane said the local authority has been able to supervise the government departments which have been taken to the local authority.
He said the council is concerned that some departments will remain under the district administration without the input of the local authority.
And Southern Province local government officer Clayston Hamulyata said in a separate interview that the decentralisation policy “is here to stay” and people must be enlightened on its benefits as enshrined in the republican Constitution.
“We need to sensitise the people on the decentralisation policy and on other functions of the local authorities in the localities where the councils are,” he said.
He said people must know that the constitution provides for the creation of ward development committees which are the local forms of governance systems.
Mr Hamulyata called on local authorities in the province to be proactive in educating people on how they can access information and how they can contribute to the development of their respective areas.

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