Kazungula Bridge: A dream come true

FOR Benny Phiri, a Zambian working in Botswana since 1999, the construction of the Kazungula rail bridge across the Zambezi River is a dream come true.
Mr Phiri, who teaches art and design, has made many crossings across the Zambezi River for the past 21 years by pontoon – in fact, more than a 100 times since he took up employment in the neighbouring country.
 And on four occasions, Mr Phiri had terrifying experiences where the pontoon engines stopped working in the middle of the river, and it started drifting towards the Victoria Falls.
“On four occasions, it was bad. In the last incident, the pontoon engines stopped [working] in the middle of the river and it started drifting towards the Victoria Falls. No time to think of your car, family, but only prayers,” says Mr Phiri.
That incident happened last year.
Just like in a movie, Mr Phiri and other passengers on the ferry saw two boats belonging to the Botswana Defence Force (BDF) marine speeding towards the pontoon to CLICK TO READ MORE

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