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Kazumba: Impactful clergyman

WHILE growing up in Kasompe township in Chingola district, Charles Kazumba’s biggest dream was to be an international footballer playing in the English Premier Club, Arsenal.
On the local scene, his biggest wish was to play for the once ‘Mighty’ Mufurila Wanderers football club.

However after so many injuries, Dr Kazumba gave up playing soccer and committed his life to serving the Lord.

“Before accepting the Lord’s call upon my life, I was a passionate soccer player. I played for teams such as United Machine works FC (now disbanded) Kasompe United FC, Chikola Wanderers, Mufulira Wonderers-Under 17 and 20 sides.
“I was coached by Fredrick Kashimoto, Macha Chilemena, and Dean Mwinde. I gave up playing soccer after a number of knee problems, which lead to serious knee surgeries. In 2003 after giving up soccer I committed my life to serving the Lord but I only responded to God’s call upon my life in 2005 and I have never looked back ever since,” Dr Kazumba said.
It was the Lords call that propelled Dr Kazumba to embark on studies to obtain a doctorate.
Born in 1983 in Chingola in Kasompe township, Dr Kazumba attended Kasompe Primary School and moved on to Chingola High School for secondary education.
In 2006 through God’s providence, Dr Kazumba moved to Canada to study at Faith Alive Bible College, starting from a bachelors to a doctorate degree in Theology under the supervision of Dr David Pierce who was director and dean of Faith Alive Bible College.
“It’s been a great journey of God’s grace and faithfulness and I am glad and honoured to represent the Kingdom of God and to serve the Lord and to be used by Him all-over the world through the ministry, which is based in Canada called Christ Passion Evangelistic Network and our TV programme called Kingdom Insight, which is on five different television stations around the world including ZNBC TV3,” he said.
Despite being based in Canada, Dr Kazumba is involved with a number of Churches and organisations in Zambia in reaching out to people who are affected with HIV and AIDS and also woman empowerment projects.
His ministry which networks with other ministries has made a few donations of food supplements, Bibles, christian education materials and sewing machines to a number of women and youth groups in the country.
 “We are so glad to be part of the communities of Zambia and to stand with other men and women of God not only to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ, but also to practically help those who are in need. We have had an honour and a privilege of working with men of God such as Bishop Christopher Besa and Dr Charles Mwape”.
In Zambia Dr Kazumba is connected to Living Waters Global Churches-Worship Powerhouse, a church he calls his home church and family.
The clergyman is however saddened by how a number of Christians in the country are running after miracles and how some pastors have stopped preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ but only talk about money.
“My message to the Church in Zambia and to the men and women of God is very simple, please return to teaching the word of God, and proclaiming the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ so that the people in Zambia can grow and mature and walk in God’s character and nature and be a channel through which God can bring peace, stability and prosperity to our nation,” Dr Kazumba said.
   He urged every Christian not to run after “miracle this and miracle that” the greatest miracle God gave to mankind is the powerful miracle of the word of God.
Dr Kazumba believes the word of God can change any life situation. Upholding it brings about true prosperity but it also everlasting stability, longevity, peace, joy and happiness.
He encouraged Christians to stand on the word of God, read the Bible and continue seeking God not for his blessings but for who He really is as father and creator”.
Dr Kazumba is also a successful  author. His books, “Revisiting The Foundations”, “The Parables of the kingdom,” “The Weapon Of Forgiveness” and “Discovering The Power of God In You” have helped and impacted many lives.
Inspired by the late Bahamas preacher Myles Munroe and American evangelist Billy Graham, Dr Kazumba has travelled and ministered in Zambia, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Lesotho, South Africa, Malawi, Kenya, Uganda, United States and within Canada.
Through his ministry, thousands of people have given their lives to Jesus Christ and hundreds of leaders have been trained and impacted by the word of God.
Dr Kazumba is happily married to Glory and they have three children.