Kaunda Square named after KK

ONE of the tarred township roads within Kaunda Square Stage I.

THE massive urban drift of the post-independence era triggered an influx of people in the capital Lusaka, who were searching for greener pastures.
The hundreds of people who were flocking to urban areas created a critical shortage of residential space for a country that only had three million people at independence in 1964.
Lusaka City Council (LCC) faced the challenge of providing space to accommodate the urban drifters and that was how the Kaunda Square settlement – divided into Kaunda Square Stage I and Kaunda Square Stage II – was created.

WHITE Mwanza, 82 (centre) of Kaunda Square, his wife Rhodah Nkombo-Mwanza, 72 (right) and former Lusaka Mayor Mike Mposhya.

Thanks to a Mr Foxdale, who gave away part of his farm to the Government to help the council settle urban migrants in the capital city.
Kaunda Square Stage I, which this write-up focuses, on was established in 1970 and in its early days had an estimated population of 2,000 people. http://epaper.daily-mail.co.zm/

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