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Katuba man sued for impregnating another man’s wife, 18

A 23-YEAR-OLD man of Makombwe area in Katuba has been sued for adultery after he impregnated another man’s wife.
Kelvin Mayawa, 27, sued Saviour Chipangwe for impregnating Christine Gondwe, 18. The matter was in the Lusaka Boma Court.
Mayawa told principal presiding magistrate Mable Mwaba, senior Court Magistrates Miyanda Banda and Dennis Mpundu that he married Christine in January this year and that bride price was paid.
“I promised Christine’s family that I would ensure she went back to school after we got married, which promise I lived up to.  That’s where she started an affair with Chipangwe,” he said.
Mayawa told the court that when Gondwe fell ill, he was informed by his father-in-law, Greenwell Gondwe, to go and pick her up.
“I took her to the clinic after picking her up. Later her mother took her to their home to recuperate. However, when I called the next day to check on her, I was informed that she had left for our matrimonial home, when in fact not,”  he said.
Mayawa said later her parents discovered she was pregnant and had moved in with Chipangwe. He said her parents advised Mayawa to sue Chipangwe.
But Chipangwe told the court that he married Christine in March this year.
Christine denied knowing Mayawa before court.
“I do not know this man claiming to be my husband. I am married to Chipangwe and he is responsible for my pregnancy,” she said.
But Greenwell told the court that Mayawa is the only son-in-law the family recognises as he is the one who paid bride price to marry his daughter.
Passing judgment, the court upheld the claim and ordered Chipangwe to pay Mayawa K2,000 as compensation for adultery.