Katongo Mulenga Maine launches biography

FOR Katongo Mulenga Maine, surviving against all odds was the only way to make it in life. The Chipembi Girls School alumni was almost married off at the age of 15 to a man she had never met.
Katongo recounts her experience in the biography titled, “The Life and Journey of an Entrepreneur,” that was launched in Lusaka last week.
The book outlines the life of Katongo as a young girl from a poor family who defied her mother by refusing an arranged marriage and determined instead to become a nurse with a career and a salary of her own.
Throughout her memoir, Katongo’s determination to be successful shines through the pages.
Perhaps, more than anything else, Katongo wants to narrate that despite coming from a rough background, the fighter in her always persisted.
The life and journey of an entrepreneur is a 167 pages fast reading memoir published by Gadsen Publishers.
It is the first book to be published in a new series of memoirs entitled Remarkable Women of Zambia that will show how women in this country have made their mark in politics, civil society,

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